April 16, 2014
O’Neill x Coachella Recap

1st Look: O’Neill dress (in stock here). Patricia Nash backpack. BC wedges.
2nd Look: O’Neill top. O’Neill pants. La Mer watch. Birkenstock sandals.

For my second day at Coachella, I was super relieved I had strategically planned a couple of cozy and comfortable looks in O’Neill after a long first night out. I’ve been a fan of O’Neill since I moved to California and became centrally immersed in the land of surf, and their stuff is so right for the free vibes of Coachella. 

After an early morning of quick recovery, I slipped on this beautiful printed maxi dress for an easier-going day out in Palm Springs. We were all craving a hearty brunch to start us off right and we found this cute little place called Jake’s right in Downtown. Of course a Saturday brunch isn’t complete without a little party liquid from Stack Wines, which are great little portable wines we took with us all over town. Filling up on delicious food makes all the difference in the world with the day and we were ready to get on with our party route. Kyle and I headed over to the relentlessly chic Ace Hotel to stop by our good friend Kelsi’s Blogger Lounge where we enjoyed special, intimate performances from artists such as Josie Florence and The Pierces. We kept this stop super low key and explored the widespread grounds of the Ace, letting my O’Neill dress flow free in the sun and across their famous mural installation. While we were able to rejuvenate with some vitamin D and rest, we Uber’d over to The Saguaro where it was about to get turnt up 180º. A Club Called Rhonda was hosting the party of the day and it was prismatic, lively, and wild. This is where Halloween gets relived in the most fabulous way - think lots of Adam & Eve wardrobes and eccentric headpieces. We lounged in VIP and sipped on lots of free Blue Moons; this is one of those pool parties we can never miss. 

After dancing away all the energy we had replenished, we had to make a stop back at our hotel to rest up before heading out to the fields. I changed into my wide-legged O’Neill pants and top to lounge snugly by our quaint pool and I had no motivation to leave again for the day. But the opportunity to see Lorde should never be passed up.

Stay tuned for more of my Coachella weekend recap this week!

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April 15, 2014
James Jeans x Coachella Recap

James Jeans vest and shorts. Motel top. BC shoes.

What a weekend! I’m currently back home in the OC and I’m superglued to my bed and it’s never felt more comforting. I took a much needed nap and when I woke up, I knew exactly how my iPhone feels after it charges up from death and finally powers on after a couple percent. As exhausting as it was, a close-to-home Coachella trip to experience amazing live music, grand parties, and the whimsical beauty of Palm Springs is always worth it. 

Check out my #JamesJeansxCoachella adventure on Instagram!

I brought one of my favorite clothing brands James Jeans out with me to start the weekend in some cute and comfortable denim wear. I am in love with their new Spring collection as every piece is perfect for festival season and they just had to make an appearance at the biggest festival of them all. High-waisted shorts are pretty much my go-to style for Coachella, but I look for details to be sure that they’re not just like every other denim shorts roaming around the desert. And that’s the very reason why I am obsessed with these playful lace-up sides of their Cover Girl shorts. We drove into the desert Friday morning and landed straight at the colorful Saguaro hotel for the Opening Ceremony party as our first stop on the agenda. Kyle and I started our first party scene with [literally] really cool drinks at the Reyka Ice House, complete with delicious fruity cocktails and fun ice mugs. We met up with my blogger partners in crime, Chanelle and Enocha, and checked into our adorable Spanish-style hotel, which provided the perfect backdrop to lounge about with provided mimosas and snacks before really popping off the night. We drove out to my favorite slice of oasis, the Merv Griffin Estate, where Soho House was perching for the weekend and the Forward by Elyse Walker party was happening. Glamorous day beds, a splendid lake, and copious amounts of delicious food easily dubbed this as my kind of event. After getting our fix of charming Palm Springs chic life, we were ready to get down and desert-dirty for Outkast, the sole reason why we came to Coachella. I changed into James Jeans’ striped jeans since the desert chill creeps in as soon as night hits; the winds pick up and sand is everywhere. Luckily my vest kept me warm enough to dance the night away after the Outkast set at the Details Magazine after-party. Perhaps the warm grilled cheese they catered helped as well. Although we usually like to remember Saturday as the big night out, I think Friday unexpectedly turned into my favorite night and I’m for sure happy I got to look cute in James Jeans for it. 

Stay tuned for more of my Coachella weekend recap this week!

Check out the winner of the James Jeans giveaway here.

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April 15, 2014
How Do You Define Style

I love discovering local fashion talents in Orange County and STYLE 2020 is no less than an amazing discovery that’s here to make our lives easier. They are a fabulous team of experienced stylists who’ve created a personal service to help people like us discover their best look for their lifestyle, whether it’d be a complete style overhaul or just a quick fix for an event. Next month, they’ll be presenting a forum which will include guest speakers from LVMH, Sephora, Thomas Pink, and L’Oreal and I’m personally excited to attend to hear such prominent influencers in fashion speak! To register and purchase tickets, check out the event page here. Don’t forget to follow @style_2020 #style2020 to get the scoop on the day of the event. I hope to see you there!

April 10, 2014
O’Neill x Coachella

It is finally time for my getaway in the desert, which has been a loooong time coming, and I’m SO excited! As I’m scurrying to pack for Coachella literally this second, I’m picking out a few of my favorite pieces from O’Neill I’m definitely bringing with me for the weekend. 

Stocking up on bikinis is a must for the numerous pool parties waiting to happen and I can’t wait to wear this super cute textured white and peach bikini with the mint sweater as a fuzzy cover-up. But when I’m not lounging by the pool, I’m planning on wearing this beautiful, flowy maxi dress with the perfect festival print out and about Downtown Palm Springs. And of course a summer backpack is so necessary because partying hands-free is the way to go.

I’m so stoked to be covering some major parties with great headliners this weekend and I’m bringing O’Neill with me all day on Saturday. Tune in and follow me on Instagram at @honeynsilk and @oneillwomens and our hashtag #oneillxcoachella and peek into the behind-the-scenes Coachella life! I’ll see you in the desert!

April 8, 2014
Sun and Moon

Greylin jumpsuit. Stela 9 bag. Lulu*s heels. Natalia Benson jewelry.

These bold Natalia Benson pieces just say everything for me. I love the Sun and Moon symbols in her Spring 2014 Immaculate Collection as it reminds me with every glance to maintain my inner balance and to be conscious of myself. And this is why I am obsessed with Natalia’s namesake line - she effortlessly fuses spirituality and meaning in all of her jewelry, which makes each and every piece so special and magical. It’s a new way to connect and express. Show some love to my girl - the multi-talented jewelry designer, spiritual reader, and DJ - Natalia Benson and shop her debut manufactured line here (you know they’re the pieces you need for Coachella!).

April 7, 2014
Two Birds

ShopSosie dress. Stela 9 bag. Kelsi Dagger heels. Warby Parker sunglasses.

Aaaand we are back to regular scheduled dresses. 

My goal this Spring and Summer is to not let a single instance of beautiful sunshine go to waste, which could mean working from [beachside] cafes a lot more. When my business is solely on my computer, my work will be the same anywhere, so I mind as well make it more exciting by changing up the environment. I’m killing two birds with one stone really, because I get to discover new gems in my county. Plus it makes up for the lack of a social office circle. 

April 5, 2014
Black Essentials

Obey jacket. Sundry sweater. Denimocracy pants. Swash scarf via Lilogi. Rovi Moss bag. Jeffrey Campbell heels.

Ok, it’s a big jump going from splashing around the beach in a one-piece to getting all bundled up in black, but that’s just the fickle-ness of SoCal weather.  There are lots of things I am loving in this outfit - every piece is basically an over-worn, closet essential for me and you can’t go wrong with having having classic pieces in black. I’m totally not a monochromatic person though so I needed that light, Spring addition which this Swash scarf is perfect for. If you haven’t heard of Swash yet, they are an amazing duo from London who create the most whimsical, charming hand-drawn prints you’ve ever seen. I first discovered them while shopping for iPhone cases on Net-A-Porter and their iPhone case (like this one) is still my all-time favorite. Although I don’t use it anymore, I still have it saved in my drawer because it is much too pretty to ever let go. If I didn’t need my Boostcase so much, I’d switch it back right now. I have to just tell you guys to play on Swash’s website; it’s insanely incredible.

April 3, 2014
James Jeans x Coachella Giveaway

ANNND Coachella is upon us! Time has passed too quickly for it to already be another year at this mega rager. With this being my second time around, I actually have some idea on how to prepare myself (and my aging body, cue the advil and b12). 

Festival style has really changed Spring fashion while becoming its own “season”, so it’s a whole other animal to tackle when it comes to dressing for Coachella. When I think of festival fashion, I think of dressing for my most relaxed and free being. It doesn’t have to be particularly boho or everything fringe - it’s about what clothes I like to wear as a free spirit in the summertime. And me, I turn to denim like I turn to a nice baked potato and french fries for comfort food (I really, really love potato). Denim is my comfort clothing. I naturally turned to my favorite denim line, James Jeans for a few pieces to bring to Coachella, like these high waisted shorts with the sweetest lace-up detail and a chic basic vest that’ll go well over a crop top or bikini top. Cool and comfortable and Coachella ready! 

On Friday of the first weekend, I’ll be instagramming with James Jeans from the biggest parties and performances of Coachella. Make sure to follow me @honeynsilk and @jamesjeans and to check out our hashtag #jamesjeansxcoachella for complete behind-the-scenes coverage! Until then, James Jeans is giving away one outfit (top and bottom) of your choice to a lucky winner for the festival season and summer! Enter below to win. A winner will be announced on April 14th. Don’t miss out because their denim will be the comfort clothes of your life!

April 2, 2014
One Sunny Day

Wildfox Couture swimsuit. Birkenstocks. Mikoh cover-up.

Lately I’ve been binge-shopping for bikinis and one-pieces because I’m just that addicted to the beach scene and I really needed to update my swimwear. I tried out Zappos for the first time and I accidentally came across these Birkenstocks while perusing their extensive selection of shoes for some comfy beach sandals. After reading reviews and hearing only great things from my friend Chanelle, I decided to get them. As much as they give me clown feet, I can’t get enough of them because they are a like a California King bed for your feet. And that, my friend, is how comfort trumps style. That’s not even the best part - I ordered it and received it in just one day. Zappos makes an effort to get things to you fast, so you can expect most of your orders to arrive in a couple days or even overnight. They also genuinely impressed me with their extraordinary customer service. I ordered my usual size 8 in the Birkenstocks, however, they ended up running one size too big for me. So I had called customer service to start an exchange for a smaller size, and I can’t tell you how friendly my girl was. It was like I was talking to my best friend; I didn’t even want to get off the phone, I was really tempted to invite her out for drinks. Their exchange policy ended up being so amazing, as they immediately sent out a new pair which I received the following day and my only job is to return the previous shoes within 14 days. Zappos really puts the ease in online shopping. I also received my Wildfox swimsuit and soft Mikoh cover-up through their site, because their customer service is just so worth shopping everything there.


A much-needed moment of soaking in the sun is the only thing that keeps me sane and brings me back to myself. The last two weeks have been particularly rough, especially with my laptop succumbing to an accidental spill and my iphone mysteriously scorching itself useless. The Apple gods were straight up hating on me and I’ve been protecting my iPad at all costs ever since (they say bad things happen in threes). Adding to the mechanical chaos, I’ve stressed in preparing for Coachella and buying new stuff for LAST NIGHT - I definitely needed a break this past weekend. When it seems the universe just isn’t working with you at the moment, it’s even harder to find inspiration and gather the enthusiasm to get back in the game. But the key in a getting out of a “low” situation is to keep optimism at a high. I just had to take a breather and remember my happy place, which is the beach. So Kyle and I made a trip out to Laguna even when it was a bit windier than usual and had such a relaxing time laying in the sand and dipping our feet in the water. This followed by drinks on the rooftop for a perfect view of the sunset was the best pick-me-up that helped me fully recover. 

April 1, 2014

ShopSosie dress. Stela 9 bag. Coach heels. Chloe & Isabel earrings.

This beautifully blue kaleidoscope dress reminds me of soaking in the sun along the East Coast shores, in front of white beach cottages with blue shutters. Or am I just thinking of The Notebook because I saw it for the very first time last week? It’s the first chick flick I’ve seen in years and I’m actually not regretting this one; the cult following is real and I respect that. I legitimately asked Kyle if he had a family history of Alzeihmer’s because as romantic as that film was, it got real at the end and it was so. sad.  Going off topic, I love this dress - it’s breezy, it’s pretty, and the charming blues are sure enough to captivate the Ryan Gosling of your life.